Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.

Will I have to pay tax when receiving the parcel?

The short answer is no. The long one sounds like this: it really depends on where you’re ordering from.
There are countries like the USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France that didn’t ever ask our customers to pay any sort of tax.  However, in rare cases when custom officials manually inspect the contents of the parcel an excise duty is sometimes applied.


The truth is that the mail volume is too big for it to be impractical to scan and verify the contents of each and every incoming parcel, so only a few end up being inspected. The funny thing is that in some countries (e.g. Australia & New Zealand), the money that you pay us together with the requested tax will still end up costing less than buying the same cigarettes locally and only about 10% of the parcel are inspected in the first place!