Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.


What currency are your product priced in?

Our products are priced in USD.

Who are we? is founded in 2017 by a group of smoking enthusiast and we’re located in a third world country where a wide variety of cigarettes are easily available at very low-cost hence we decided to create a platform for smokers around the world to purchase their cigarettes at a a fraction of what they’re paying locally as we recognized the extremely high price that countries across the world charge in tobacco taxation hence by purchasing your smokes from us will allow you to cut your smoking cost significantly!

Where are your cigarettes made from? has multiple source of manufacturers and suppliers that we deal with and they are specifically located in Third World Countries or Countries that do not have an unreasonable taxation on tobacco products. You can be rest assured as only source from licensed manufacturers hence we assure our customers that the cigarettes sold on are authentic and quality tobacco products.

Do you ship worldwide? ships worldwide.

Shipping and Delivery


Our shipping fee to all worldwide destination starts from $19 for the first carton or $28 for orders of 2 carton and $38 for orders of 3 carton and above.

*Shipping fee will include traceable deliveries that is traceable all the way until arrival*


Please allow 1 – 3 working day for processing and 3 – 21 working day for delivery (based on destination).


The average delivery time to New Zealand and Australia is 1-2 weeks & EU, UK, USA and Canada is 2-3 weeks. (Please contact live chat for ETA if your country is not shown above)


Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to become active. If you receive your confirmation email after (GMT +8)7:00PM on a Friday, please allow until the following Monday for tracking to become available.

What payment methods do you offer?

Here at, We accept Cryptocurrencies, Transferwise, CashApp, Revolut, Zelle, ApplePay or Bank Transfer.

Please contact Customer Service to check out via CashApp, Transferwise, Revolut, Zelle, ApplePay or Bank Transfer.


Are the cigarettes authentic? How are they sold at such low-cost?

Have you ever wondered if the Cheap Cigarettes that are sold online are authentic?

If you’ve ever travelled aboard, specifically to third world countries e.g. Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia – You’d realize the cigarette that are sold locally in the 711 stores cost significantly cheaper compared to what you’re used to paying back home.

Well, This is because cigarette taxation are a lot cheap in third world countries as it is treated leniently compared to first world countries. Hence, I can assure you that it is authentic, made and regulated by the same manufacturer.

Also, we’ve been trading cigarettes locally with more than 10 years of experience hence we’re able to source our cigarettes cheaper as we deal directly with the manufacturer.

Will I get into any legal issues by buying cigarettes from you?

It is a very common misconception, but buying cigarettes online and receiving them by post is perfectly legal. If you still feel funky about this, feel free to research this topic on your own.

Will I have to pay tax when receiving the parcel?

The short answer is no. The long one sounds like this: it really depends on where you’re ordering from.
There are countries like the USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France that didn’t ever ask our customers to pay any sort of tax.  However, in rare cases when custom officials manually inspect the contents of the parcel an excise duty is sometimes applied.


The truth is that the mail volume is too big for it to be impractical to scan and verify the contents of each and every incoming parcel, so only a few end up being inspected. The funny thing is that in some countries (e.g. Australia & New Zealand), the money that you pay us together with the requested tax will still end up costing less than buying the same cigarettes locally and only about 10% of the parcel are inspected in the first place!

Will you refund me in case I am asked to pay tax upon arrival of the parcel?

We won’t do that, and for a good reason. Well, two actually. First, we don’t want to create an incentive to cheat – seizure notification letters are being ‘photoshopped’ and are in the wild already.

Secondly, we want to avoid funding the refunds through an increase in overall prices –
we’d much rather keep our prices as low as we can and share the seizure risk with our customers.
In most countries (as explained in the answer above), this risk is either inexistent, very low or harmless (the final price still stays below the local market price).

If you happen to live in a country with tough customs and your package gets stopped and you’re unhappy about having to pay tax, you hold the legal right to refuse the parcel and have it sent back to us. We resend all the incoming mail right back to the customer, free of charge.