Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.

Kool Blue


  • Strength : 7/10
  • Taste : 9/10
  • Tar : 7mg
  • Nicotine : 0.6mg
  • Manufactured by ITG Brand


Please take note, a single purchase is for (1) Carton or (10) Pack of cigarettes.

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Introduced in 1933 and currently manufactured by ITG Brands in the U.S.A, Kool cigarettes were considered an American’s Favorite Menthol Cigarette during the 2014 Poll
as sales were reaching an all-time high. Detailed Research shows that Kool blue cigarettes were highly sought and stock was low due to high demand. Well, You can buy it here online
as we strive to price our cigarettes at the cheaper end to allow all smokers to enjoy the benefits of smoking with less financial burden.