Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.

Mevius Original Blue


  • Strength : 9/10
  • Taste : 10/10
  • Tar : 9mg
  • Nicotine : 1mg
  • Manufactured by JTI Brand

Please take note, a single purchase is for (1) Carton or (10) Pack of cigarettes.

These are an Asian’s Favorite, The Mevius Cigarettes brand is also known globally for their excellent tobacco products. The brand has dominated the market for creating a product that always delivers a pleasurable smoking experience. During their establishment date in 1977, Mevius introduced Mevius Original in the market. Mevius Original guarantees the utmost tobacco taste that you have never savored before. The exquisite aroma of the tobacco will make your tobacco tasting experience very enjoyable.

Each Mevius Original cigarettes contains 10mg of tar and 0.8mg of nicotine.

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