Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.

Marlboro Double Blast


  • Strength : 6/10
  • Taste : 9/10
  • Tar : 8mg
  • Nicotine : 0.5mg
  • Manufactured by Philip Morris

Please take note, a single purchase is for (1) Carton or (10) Pack of cigarettes.

Marlboro Double Burst – Marlboro has introduced a mind-blowing filter innovation featuring two capsules, each with their own distinctive taste. They are both capable of delivering an exceptional freezing sensation by crushing the either the Freshball, Iceball or both capsule when you want to with each delivering an individual taste or mixing it to your suit your taste.

However, you can also enjoy Marlboro Double Burst without crushing the Fresh or Iceball. In it’s original taste the cigarette will have a similar taste to Marlboro Menthol Lights.