Please take note, a single purchase is for (10) Pack or (1) Carton of cigarettes.

Dunhill Silver Switch


  • Strength : 6/10
  • Taste : 10/10
  • Tar : 5mg
  • Nicotine : 0.5mg
  • Manufactured by British American Tobacco


Please take note, a single purchase is for (1) Carton or (10) Packs of cigarettes.

Dunhill Silver Switch – Dunhill Switch Series or the 2 in 1 cigarette are mild cigarettes that can be changed to menthol as a single click by crushing the capsule. The origin of their Signature tobacco blend plays a huge role which offers the Signature Dunhill Taste that emits an aromatic tobacco flavor during the combustion of the cigarette.

The famed British entrepreneur – Alfred, has deep roots in multiple markets with a century old history to his name but his first notable business success was during the year of 1919 when negotiations were made between venture capitals and Alfred with a clear objective of introducing the brand’s tobacco products into the international market specifically in America and France. the following year, Dunhill stores were officially launched into the American and French market, sales were soaring with a booming demand for Dunhill cigarettes specifically their full flavor red cigarette hence a global recognition to his name was achieved. Today, you can purchase Dunhill cigarettes near me that are being sold cheaply online on for $54.5 a carton!