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Smokers are resorting to Online Cigarette Store for a cheaper alternative

The tobacco industry has been implemented with harsh regulations as health concerns has been raised but this is all old news as smokers already know what the repercussions are. But the health ministers does not understand that for many smokers, smoking is a lifestyle.

The raised concerns has caused a significant increase in tobacco prices and even to an extent of banning menthol flavored cigarettes specifically in the EU hence cigarette prices is soaring to an all-time high, this has caused many smoker to consider other purchasing option and finding a cheaper way to buy cigarettes. This is a gap that many online cigarette store is happy to fill and sales are at an all time high due to higher demands for duty-free cigarettes which are usually sourced from third world countries or in countries where harsh regulations are not implemented on tobacco related products which results in cheaper cigarette prices.

An indept anylsis has been done and the data shows that a global surge of searches has been made on search engine specifically looking for a cheaper way to purchase cigarette online and the most searched term is “buying cigarettes online legally” hence this clearly shows their agenda.

In conclusion, we do not think that harsh regulations will work but it may work to a minor extent. However, the data shows that tougher regulations will not stop smokers from getting what they want.